When batteries explode: five questions

SEOUL: Samsung has told customers worldwide to stop using their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after a spate of battery explosions threatens to derail the powerhouse global brand. It is the latest in a string of lithium-ion battery fires on products ranging from laptops to hoverboards to planes — and a reminder

New twist in SpaceX rocket blast probe

MIAMI(web desk) The mysterious explosion of a SpaceX rocket last month took an odd turn with a “cordial” encounter between staff of Elon Musk’s firm and fierce rival United Launch Alliance, The Washington Post reported.No one was hurt in the September 1 blast, which came as the unmanned Falcon 9

Fathers smoking may up asthma-risk in kids

London(web desk)Men who indulge in smoking since their adolescence may put their future children at more than three times higher risk of an early-onset of asthma, a finding suggests. In the study, the researchers included more than 24,000 children and showed that both a father’s early smoking debut and a father’s

Candy Crush creator to launch mobile shooter game

London (web desk)According to a job listing on Candy Crush maker King’s website, the company is working on a mobile shooter game. This won’t be the first time a games studio has tried to garner success on mobile devices with a shooter game. It’s one of the more complicated types of games

There is ‘life on Jupiter’s moon’

MIAMI(web desk) More evidence of possible water plumes erupting from the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has been spotted using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, the US space agency said Monday. Europa, one of more than 50 moons circling the gas giant, is considered by NASA as a “top candidate” for

Sugar gives bees a happy buzz: study

MIAMI(web desk)An unexpected sugary snack can give bees a little buzz and appears to lift their mood, even making them optimistic, according to research Thursday that suggests pollinators have feelings, too. Since emotions are subjective and difficult to measure — particularly in animals — researchers looked at how bees’ behavior changed